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PostSubject: The Catalyst   The Catalyst EmptyWed Sep 15, 2010 4:58 pm

This didn't go as exactly what happened. I had to shorten it out for the essay, most events are true though. Hope you enjoy.

I can remember the haunting words my mom told that day. Her words were like little daggers piercing through my ear drums. I wished she hadn't told me. Why couldn't she of jest kept it a secret? Then again, I would of find out sooner or later.

My train of thought was interrupted by a soft knock at my door. I looked up as my dad walked in.

"Go to bed already, we have a long day tomorrow." His exhausted voice told me.

With a stiff nod, I unfolded my blanket and laid down. My dad turned out the lights and walked out. I could vaguely see the three bald spots in the back of his head. It was obvious he was stressed, then again we were all stressed.

I glanced around my vacant room. My stomach twisted and stretched. We were going to leave this house forever? Leave my house to a complete stranger? What was my new house like? What about school? I shifted around in my blanket, trying to calm my thoughts. I closed my eyes and began counting numbers until I fell asleep.

"Get up and get ready." I opened my eyes a bit and saw my dad standing at my door. "Go eat breakfast and start helpn' pack up the rest of the stuff." I groaned and got up from the floor. This was going to be a long dreadful day.

By early afternoon my dad had rented a moving truck. We already had half the house packed up. Everyone had their own job. The older guys lifted the heavy objects, my little brother and I packed up the glass, my grandma and mom packed up everything that was in the kitchen, and my other sibling helped take some the small stuff to the truck.

The whole time I was packing, my body felt as if it had a bullet going through it. Sleeping on the floor didn't help at all. This wouldn't be happening if we weren't moving. If we weren't moving I could have been making breakfast instead of packing our dishes. I wouldn't have a sore body either. I only sighed and continued my job before my thoughts ran too wild. I worked at a slow pace, but my parents snap at me and I would hurry up.

It was late afternoon when we all drove to the new house. From the window where I sat, I could feel myself glaring at this house. There was some hatred in this new house which we called home now. I could picture large zombie like hands shooting out the ground and swallowing up that house. Or maybe a large creature swooping down and taking the house away. I smirked a bit and shook my head at my own thoughts. How silly of me.

We all began unloading the truck. I glanced around the new home and felt myself shiver. My thoughts, once again, were running wild. Sweat was staring to develop in the palms of my hands. Was it just me or were the walls closing in on me? My vision was getting blurry from the tears that were beginning to form in my eyes. I couldn't hold it in anymore. I hurried to my "new" room and sat on one of the boxes that were there. Hot tears began running down my face and my body trembled. I didn't know what to feel anymore, only numbness.

We just lost our house! We will never see it again! We lost it because we're poor! I thought to myself. Who can I blame? It was the bank's fault. Those evil eyed snakes at the bank. All they did was hiss their lies at us. But wasn't it our faults for being fools and believing them?

I heard someone open the door to my room. I didn't look up though, not wanting whoever to see my face.

"Why are you crying Abby?" I heard my grandma's voice. She sat next to me and pulled me into a tight hug.

"I don't like it here... I want to go home..." I said through sobs. She held me gently in her arms and smiled a bit.

"Well, of course you're not going to like it here. You just have to make the best of it... I don't like it here either for you guys, but you at least have each other... right?"

I couldn't help to smile slightly at her last sentence. It sounded cheesy, but she was right. We did have each other in the end.

I wiped my eyes and hugged her. "Thank you grandma..." She hugged me back and stood up.

"let's go finish unloading the stuff before your mom comes looking for you." With that she walked out. I glanced around my room and sighed. This house is our new home, which was better than having no home. My grandma was right though. We would all have to make the best out it. Home sweet home is where your family is. Isn't it?
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