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 Devil's Satire

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PostSubject: Devil's Satire    Devil's Satire  EmptySat May 21, 2016 9:18 pm

There was a stillness that was settled over the small two bedroom apartment. Sun barely poured through the cracks of the curtain that covered over the window. Though the two that stayed there didn't mind the darkness at all; considering they were vampires. While they were able to go into the sunlight, their abilities weren't as powerful as it would be at night. The seventeen year old girl stepped out from her own darkly decorated bedroom as she tied the apron around her waist. She was getting ready to go into her morning shift at her small part time job at a diner. Purple orbs turned over to where her older brother was sleeping soundly on the couch. A small smile creased her lips and she walked over to it. The vampire leaned over and kissed the top of her head. "Stop being out so late already." she murmured, knowing that he wouldn't even hear it either. Willow reached over and pulled the blanket over her brother's sleeping figure.

Willow sighed and walked around to pick up the empty bottle of beer that was on the floor. She went to throw it away before gathering the things she needed to leave for work. Locking the door behind her, she headed down the stairs to leave for her job. The two siblings didn't own a car. They would mostly walk to whatever destination they needed to get to or even at night; they might of used their abilities. Willow hummed to herself quietly as she plugged in the headphones to her phone and started up her music. She leaned against the bus stop, waiting for the transportation to arrive. It was a matter of minutes before it did. She sighed tiredly as she rested her head back against the head rest of the bus. Her gaze turned out the window and she pursed her lips. She was tired. Though this was nothing new for the girl. It was often that she would work late and have to work early the next day. She had to though so that she could support her brother.

The bus came to a stop and she quickly pulled herself up to exit the bus. She continued to hum and pulled out a hair tie. The vampire tied up the black and purple ombre hair she had. The diner was active with many people coming in and out. It was a popular one that people loved for their hospitality and most of all; their food. Willow smiled to the customers as she entered and greeted them. "Morning~!" the girl chimed out as she walked behind the counter. "Good morning beautiful." the other waitress answered as she stacked plates onto a tray to go hand out, "Long night?" she asked. "Very." Willow chuckled as she went to put away her items.
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Devil's Satire
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